Green Earth Pet Friendly Ice Melter


Protect your pets paws with our ice melter

Green Earth Pet Friendly Ice Melter is a combination of a naturally derived organic accelerator that also acts as an emollient with the pelletized salt. Together they accelerate melting down to -17ºC (1ºF) and will not dry out the paws of pets. Green Earth Pet Friendly™ is designed to be safe for the environment and safe for pets. Green Earth Pet Friendly meets these requirements by providing predictable results under many conditions. Our melter is a granular product that significantly improves de-icing, melts faster, will not dry out pets paws, and reduces overall environmental damage from winter maintenance, compared to conventional ice melt formulations. Green Earth Pet Friendly Ice Melter may be used to pre-treat a surface or to deice. Green Earth Pet Friendly Ice Melter effectively works at lower temperatures and requires less material to maintain a safe environment than any blended product on the market today. Green Earth Pet Friendly Ice Melter will melt 12% more ice versus rock salt at -10ºC. 45% more ice at -15ºC and 100% more ice at -25ºC Testing was performed using Method SHRP H-205.2. The product will not leave any insolubles or smelly residue. Its unique structure and composition prevents the product from tracking but more importantly every granule contains our proprietary pet friendly additive.

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Additional information


Green Earth Pet Friendly™can be used in any application that requires rapid ice and snow removal. Recommended in locations where pets will be coming in contact with.


Green Earth Pet Friendly™ is available directly from Northern Element convenient 25lb or 50lb bags and 9lb jugs


As with any chemical, Green Earth Pet Friendly™ requires care in handling. Anyone responsible for the procurement, use or disposal of this product should familiarize himself and those handling it with the appropriate safety and handling precautions. This information is available in Material Safety Data Sheets.


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