Green Earth 85% Less Corrosive Ice Melter


If you are deicing near metal, this is the product for you

Green Earth 85% Less Corrosive Ice Melter is comprised of pure sodium chloride that is uniformly infused with calcium chloride and a corrosion inhibitor throughout the pelletized granules. The corrosion rate is 85% less corrosive than regular rock salt. The product is further screened to a uniform ¼” size to enable a uniform melting rate when applied. 100% of the granule is effective to melt down to -22°F. Green Earth 85% Less will melt 18% more ice versus rock salt at 14°F. 88% more ice at -4°C and 100% more ice at -22°F Testing was performed using Method SHRP H-205.2. The product will not leave any insolubles or smelly residue. Its unique structure and composition prevents the product from tracking but more importantly every granule contains our proprietary corrosion inhibitor.

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Green Earth 85% Less Corrosive can be used in any application that requires rapid ice and snow removal. Recommended for parking decks, parking lots or anywhere where corrosion is of concern.


Green Earth 85% Less is available directly from Greenmarc Gardens in bulk truck shipments or convenient 2000lb super sacks or 50lb bags.


As with any chemical, Green Earth 85% Less Corrosive requires care in handling. Anyone responsible for the procurement, use or disposal of this product should familiarize himself and those handling it with the appropriate safety and handling precautions. This information is available in Material Safety Data Sheets.


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